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Our First Ever Stella Songwriter Session!

We were hoping to be live and in person with you for our inaugural Session, but this nasty little virus had other plans. Not to worry! We have the technology, and our songwriters will be beaming their glorious original songs right into your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, wherever you want! This one will be hosted by Cloud Lifter and our featured songwriters will be Charlotte Reilly, Slam Reed, Ange Lina and Daniel Conley. We'll be using this event to try to raise some funds for a great cause - CAPTAIN Community Human Services! We're kicking off at 6pm this Sunday evening and will share everyone's live video right to this page. Make sure you have your favorite beverage, sibling, dog, cat, spouse, hamburger and tune in to support some amazing local songwriters and a great cause!

The musicians who are playing Sunday, April 19th have decided to donate all virtual tips to CAPTAIN Community Human Services Runaway & Homeless Youth Shelter and Supportive Housing Programs.

We received a Thank You Note yesterday from the Youth Shelter and the last line read "because of your generosity, we are all feeling the most important ingredient in a meal "the LOVE!"

Stella supports these wonderful programs and we appreciate your kindness!

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