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It's official... the bread is baking!

Stella Bread is officially open! Our bakery is open Thursday through Sunday 8:00 AM until

5:00 PM. When you walk into Fo'Castle Farm Country Store while Bill is baking, the aroma of bread just may have your mouth watering. For us, this aroma is nostalgic – a reminder of the entire family visiting the neighborhood bakery on a Sunday morning. A reminder of a simple pleasure; a family tradition. Bill's baking enables us to relive that experience daily!

Bill has been baking bread, focaccia, rolls, biscuits, cookies, and more for many years. He went to culinary school (CIA) with many of the celebrity chefs you see everywhere today. He traveled the country sharing his love of food along the way – stopping and working in New Orleans, Kansas City, Chicago, Vermont and Lake Placid, NY where he opened a bakery. Bill continues to make the most delicious bread. It's sweet to see the love he puts into his baking. It is clearly evident when you take that first piece of rosemary roasted garlic bread and dip it into a a fresh, delicious infused olive oil.

Aside from rosemary garlic, some of the other specialty bread Bill makes are parmesan peppercorn, French onion, olive and even marbled Italian with sun dried tomato brushed with fresh basil oil. Of course his staple Italian bread will always be available at our café when we open in late June. Bill will add breads like rye, raisin, and challah bread that will be sold in the country store.

Bill will also offer other baked goods like Parker House rolls, petite pain rolls, baguettes, and biscuits. The wonderful women of Fo'Castle presented a dish of biscuits and strawberry jam for tasting (the jam is also sold in the store.) I'm happy I walked in for that experience...the reaction to Bill's baking has been awesome! Tastings are now a daily happening at Fo'Castle. Come try some yourself!

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