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237 Union St,
Schenectady, NY

Welcome to Seven Points Brewery, owned and operated by your friends at Stella Pasta Bar & Bistro

like everything we do here, its about

Quality & Consistency

Our Current Line-up:

Prima Vista

Italian Pilsner

4.9% ABV - 35 IBU


The "Italian Pilsner" is a recent innovation in modern brewing history, setting itself apart from its northern counterparts in Germany by the use of a unique dry-hopping process.  The goal is not to simply over-hop a traditional German Pils, but rather to craft a subtle space for the traditional European hop varieties to shine along with the rest of the ingredients.  For our Italian Pils, we selected 3 different German noble varieties that we use at different times during the brewing process.  "Northern Brewer" hops, which are predominantly spicy with an undercurrent of woods and wild fruit.  "Tettnanger" hops, bringing a mix of floral, fruity, and herbal notes.  And finally, "Saphir" hops, with sweet, fruity overtones, and a hint of dried lemongrass.  A simple malt base of light Pilsner malt is accentuated with an addition of "American Honey" malt, bringing a touch of warm, bready, bakery flavors to the beer.  The result is a nicely hop-forward, immensely drinkable brew that pairs well with a variety of dishes; from seafood to spicy fried chicken wings.  The beer pours crisp and clear, (though it is unfiltered) thanks to our extended cold conditioning process.


Stellar Magnitude


7.4% ABV - 18 IBU


A New England Style IPA, known for its hazy glow, and fruity, hop-forward aromas and flavors.  A creamy base of malts ranging from high protein New England grown barley, Red Wheat, and toasted Oat Malt make the perfect place to showcase the hop profiles.  Citra hops, one of the most sought after hops in the world, are the predominant focus of this brew, and make up over half of the total hop charge.  Citra hops are packed with strong citrus and tropical aromas, and are used on both the hot side in the kettle and whirlpool, and the cold side during fermentation.  Mosaic hops are another variety that has intense flavors of tropical pine and stone fruits, carrying aromas akin to a hoppy mango.  Finally, we finish with Columbus hops, which have a deep, punchy hop flavor, along with light-herbal and lemon-citrus backnotes.  All three hops find their way into our dry hopping schedule, which includes several additions at several different times to maximize their flavors.  Fermented with a unique mix of yeast strains to maximize the fruit-forward notes in this brew.



White Wine Sour Ale


*Gold Medal Winner at the New York State

Craft Beer Competition - Experimental Beer Category*

9.8% ABV - 5 IBU


A pale gold colored, strong sour ale, dosed with white wine grape juice.  "Kettle souring" is a method used by brewers where unfermented beer wort stays in the brew kettle over the course of several days at an elevated temperature while select strains of beneficial bacteria cultures create lactic acid and sour the beer.  The culture we used results in a simple, bright, and refreshingly fruity acidity, the perfect base for the final addition.  Unfermented white wine grape juice is introduced in the late-fermentation stage of the brew, while yeast is still active and looking for additional sugar to eat.  This helps increase the final ABV and body of the beer while retaining a high level of flavor from the grapes.  The final pour off the taps and into your wine glass is cold, crisp, pleasantly sour, slightly dry, but maintains a sweet grape flavor finish.


Summer NE IPA

6.4% ABV - 24 IBU

Taking heavy inspiration from our flagship IPA, the "Stellar Magnitude", this new IPA was brewed with the same techniques, but with the hot summer months in mind.  Measuring in at a full percent ABV lower than the "Stellar", this New England IPA pours a bright and hazy yellow/gold, setting it apart from the Magnitude's "hazy orange sunset" look.  A lighter grain bill (both in color and in body) consists of lightly kilned Pilsner malt and a hefty amount of malted Red Wheat, with some malted oats thrown in for body and creamy mouthfeel.  No skimping was made on the hop charge however, with several additions of some of the best and most ubiquitous hops of the Southern Hemisphere adding their intense tropical fruit and citrus aromas and flavors to the brew.  New Zealand "Rakau" hops are added late during the boil and whirlpool phase of the brewing process and come with a flavor described by the hop breeder as "the whole orchard."  More additions of this hop are added during the dry hop process, to further showcase this hop's abilities to bring apricot, plum, mango, pear, and other stone fruits to the table.  A finishing touch of Australian "Galaxy" hops, (one of the world's most famous hop breeds), lends it highly sought after flavors of punchy passionfruit, juicy peach, and tangy citrus.  Fermenting and holding all of this together is a select yeast strain that propels the green and citric sides of hop character forward to new levels.  


German Lager

4.7% ABV - 15 IBU

A revamped recipe of our Beckenbauer German lager.  While our previous version skirted the line between an amber Marzen and a pale gold Festbier, this new brew leans more heavily towards the Marzen end, to better take advantage of some premium specialty malts.  Decidedly more malt-forward than its forebearer, we brewed this batch up with some roasted crystal malts, pale German 2-row barley, and a flavorful mixture of Munich and toasted malts that bring forth flavors of light caramel, honey, and bread.  A nice, even bitterness is present in the brew with the addition of German "Tettnanger" hops, bringing floral and herbal aromas with a hint of spiciness.  Lagered cold for several weeks to produce smooth flavors and exceptional clarity, the beer cascades from the taps medium-amber colored and produces a bright white head of foam.  Truly a drink best enjoyed with friends as the autumn weather approaches!  Prost!



5.6% ABV - 10 IBU

 A Bavarian-inspired Hefeweissbier, pouring a hazy, pale-gold color thanks to the mix of German barley and wheat malts, with oat malt added to accentuate the creaminess of the mouthfeel.  A light, sweet citrus flavor is present thanks to addition of crushed Coriander seed, pairing well with the aromas imparted onto the brew from it's choice yeast strain that pushes clove, banana, bubblegum, and even trace flavors of vanilla.  Balanced with German noble hops, and well-carbonated for an extra-effervescent pint.  Though the traditional German Hefeweizen is not garnished with a slice of lemon, we've added a slice of lemon to give it a deliciously tart kick! The perfect pint for sipping on a patio during the nice Spring weather!

King's Crown

Golden Ale

5.0% ABV - 15 IBU

A refreshing, crisp, and easy drinking light ale.  American Blonde Ales were born as an alternative to American style lagers, as a way of introducing your typical "mass market" lager drinker into craft beers.  Fans of our other lighter Seven Points beers like the Prima Vista Italian Pilsner will find a welcome home in this brew.  Medium-bodied, moderately sweet, and with a light hop bitterness, this brew pours light-straw colored from the taps, and finishes dry with a slightly fruity note.  Helping the fruit notes along is the sole hop contributor to this brew; Cascade, known for it's citrus, grapefruit, and floral characteristics.  The Blonde Ale takes it's place on our tap list as a sure-to-be summer patio favorite, and as both a perfect alternative for anyone who might find our other offerings too hoppy, and as a "gateway" beer for anyone unaccustomed to drinking craft!

Electric City Sour

Strawberry Banana Sour Ale

5.2% ABV - 5 IBU

A collaboration brew with several other Schenectady County breweries including Back Barn, Great Flats, and Wolf Hollow!  We came together to make an exciting new sour ale dosed with big amounts of Strawberry and Banana!  Starting off with a base of 100% NY grown "Empire" malt, and mixed with red wheat and flaked oats for a creamy, hazy brew.  After mashing, the brew undergoes a process over several days in the kettle where beneficial lactobacillus strains do their work and sour the beer.  The resultant tart and fruity base beer is then boiled with a handful of NY Cascade hops, just enough to get a token amount of bitterness in the brew, cast out to the fermentation tank and fermented with a fruit-forward yeast strain.  Towards the end of the primary fermentation, we dose several gallons of fresh Strawberry and Banana puree (supplied by "Puree Arete", another great NY based company) and ride out the rest of fermentation as the yeast chews up it's new sugar source.  Off the taps and into the glass is a brew that could be mistaken for one of our hazy IPA's at first glance, but comes forward on first aroma and first sip as a strawberry tart and sweet banana brew, with sour undertones and a creamy malt finish.  The perfect beer for enjoying on a hot summer day, or "Summer Night!" 


Seven Points Shooting Stars!


A constantly rotating series of one-off test brews, using a variety of flavors both familiar and exotic.  Ask your server what we currently have available!

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