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237 Union St,
Schenectady, NY

Welcome to Seven Points Brewery, owned and operated by your friends at Stella Pasta Bar & Bistro

Quality & Consistency

Our Current Line-up:

Prima Vista

Italian Pilsner

4.9% ABV - 35 IBU


The "Italian Pilsner" is a recent innovation in modern brewing history, setting itself apart from its northern counterparts in Germany by the use of a unique dry-hopping process.  The goal is not to simply over-hop a traditional German Pils, but rather to craft a subtle space for the traditional European hop varieties to shine along with the rest of the ingredients.  For our Italian Pils, we selected 3 different German noble varieties that we use at different times during the brewing process.  "Northern Brewer" hops, which are predominantly spicy with an undercurrent of woods and wild fruit.  "Tettnanger" hops, bringing a mix of floral, fruity, and herbal notes.  And finally, "Saphir" hops, with sweet, fruity overtones, and a hint of dried lemongrass.  A simple malt base of light Pilsner malt is accentuated with an addition of "American Honey" malt, bringing a touch of warm, bready, bakery flavors to the beer.  The result is a nicely hop-forward, immensely drinkable brew that pairs well with a variety of dishes; from seafood to spicy fried chicken wings.  The beer pours crisp and clear, (though it is unfiltered) thanks to our extended cold conditioning process.


Stellar Magnitude


7.4% ABV - 18 IBU


A New England Style IPA, known for its hazy glow, and fruity, hop-forward aromas and flavors.  A creamy base of malts ranging from high protein New England grown barley, Red Wheat, and toasted Oat Malt make the perfect place to showcase the hop profiles.  Citra hops, one of the most sought after hops in the world, are the predominant focus of this brew, and make up over half of the total hop charge.  Citra hops are packed with strong citrus and tropical aromas, and are used on both the hot side in the kettle and whirlpool, and the cold side during fermentation.  Mosaic hops are another variety that has intense flavors of tropical pine and stone fruits, carrying aromas akin to a hoppy mango.  Finally, we finish with Columbus hops, which have a deep, punchy hop flavor, along with light-herbal and lemon-citrus backnotes.  All three hops find their way into our dry hopping schedule, which includes several additions at several different times to maximize their flavors.  Fermented with a unique mix of yeast strains to maximize the fruit-forward notes in this brew.



German Lager

4.5% ABV - 23 IBU


A malty, light-amber colored, German lager.  Kind of a half-way point in between the two traditional styles that have bore the name "Oktoberfest"; the Marzen, and the Festbier.  Marzens are typically a little darker, richer, and heavier than their Festbier counterparts, which tend to be more of a Pale Lager with some toasted malt flavors in support.  Our "Beckenbauer" strives to be a mix of the best of both styles, creating a brew that truly feels like you could be drinking it under the big tent in Munich.  Appropriately, we use a mix of Munich, Vienna, and Pilsner malts to craft a malty backbone to the beer, and hop it with Hallertauer Mittelfruh hops, the Kaiser of all German hops, with a classic floral hop aroma.  Prost!


The Winter Seasonal

Spiced Ale

6.0% ABV - 20 IBU


A dark amber, spiced beer, with a rich body and warming finish that make it a good accompaniment to the cold weather season.  Well-balanced between a variety of flavors and spices.  Light additions of bready malts make sweet background notes of nutty brown sugar, while dark caramel and chocolate malt add a distinct raisin and roasted plum flavor.  The classic holiday season spices upgrade the flavor with cinnamon, dried orange peel, nutmeg, and fresh chopped ginger root.  Hopped with the classic English "Fuggle" variety, bringing earthy and woody characteristics to the balanced bittering.  A brew perfect for cheersing your family and friends with during the holiday season!



White Wine Sour Ale

9.8% ABV - 5 IBU


A pale gold colored, strong sour ale, dosed with white wine grape juice.  "Kettle souring" is a method used by brewers where unfermented beer wort stays in the brew kettle over the course of several days at an elevated temperature while select strains of beneficial bacteria cultures create lactic acid and sour the beer.  The culture we used results in a simple, bright, and refreshingly fruity acidity, the perfect base for the final addition.  Unfermented white wine grape juice is introduced in the late-fermentation stage of the brew, while yeast is still active and looking for additional sugar to eat.  This helps increase the final ABV and body of the beer while retaining a high level of flavor from the grapes.  The final pour off the taps and into your wine glass is cold, crisp, pleasantly sour, slightly dry, but maintains a sweet grape flavor finish.

and our newest brew:


Red Wine Sour Ale

10.1% ABV - 5 IBU

The sibling to our larger batch of "Dionysus" White Wine Sour Ale, "Bacchus" takes the same base brew and doses it with Merlot grape juice instead of Chardonnay.  Our process for the brew is the same until the addition of the juices.  Unfermented beer wort is "kettle soured" over the course of several days at an elevated temperature while beneficial bacteria cultures create lactic acid and sour the beer.  The base beer becomes a simple, tart, and refreshing ale on it's own merits, thanks in part to a clean fermenting ale yeast we chose for this particular brew.  We took a portion of the main batch at the tail end of fermentation into a small side vessel where we could dose it with Merlot grape juice at the perfect time for the yeast to finish up fermenting the newly available sugars.  After extended conditioning at both ambient and cold temperatures, the beer is smoothed out and ready to pour.  A pale red cascades out of the taps and into the glass, creating the effervescent notes of blackberry, plum, and black cherry that Merlot grapes are most known for.  The base beer backing it up has a fruity acidity to match, while still maintaining a slight grape flavored sweetness.  A gentle sipper at 10.1% ABV, pairing well with a variety of food dishes as an exceptional palate cleanser.

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