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Stella on my mind!

I am so passionate about Italian cooking! It's what I grew up with. And, it reminds me of cooking with my mother and then sitting with my family at the end of a long day. Although Italian food is popular in almost every city and state in America, it's very easy to get it wrong. People tend to get too far from what makes it so special.

When I first got into the kitchen with John as a consultant for Stella, I was expecting a long night and a lot of work ahead of us. I was so pleasantly surprised by his flavors! The recipes! The passion! And the feeling of family as we all shared meals and stories. I'm so excited for everyone to get to taste John’s dishes - it would be impossible to choose a favorite between John’s meat sauce and the baked rice (a recipe passed down in Lisa’s family all the way back to Priverno, Italy.)

Stella is something special and this area is so lucky to have Lisa and John. And Bill is one of the most talented bakers I've worked with. It is so wonderful that he's able to share his products and passion.

Stella is the whole package!

Lisa and John hired me as a consultant for Stella and it has been a great experience.

I received my undergraduate degree in Fine Arts and Art History and my post grad certificate in Business Administration from Georgetown University. I have my Associates from the University of Hawaii, Culinary Institute of the Pacific and graduated as co-valedictorian.

I've won three cooking competitions and I’ve worked for Morimoto's in Waikiki, Starwood hotels in Hawaii and Guam.

I started my own catering company, a blog and taught cooking classes in Guam and Saratoga Springs. I work for a restaurant group here in Saratoga as a cook and I also do their finance and marketing in the corporate office

While I’m originally from Boston, I get to travel a lot with my husband, Pete's, job. And I have a perfect son:)

I had such a great experience consulting for the best restaurant ever, Stella Pasta Bar and Bakery!

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