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Our servers and hosts are family here at Stella ~

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Brittany, Courtney, Jeff, Kayleigh, Margette, Dave and Maddie.

You may recognize their names, or you can see them in our photos. You may have written a great review about their service. You may have shared with a friend how well you were treated at Stella.

A few of our servers have been with us since we opened. They were all with us when we got the news...

It was truly the saddest day for us.

We have been sharing resources with them every step of the way – listening to webinars and following the NY Restaurant Association and our Chamber closely.

We are standing with local restaurants and those around the world. The Independent Restaurant Coalition (IRC) was formed to the save local restaurants affected by COVID-19. The Coalition is founded on the simple belief that there is power to affect legislative change if we unite our voice.

We are hoping for an income replacement program that would help more than unemployment insurance alone. And, a program that would sustain them for as long as this mandate is in effect.

“Independent restaurants are small businesses. But, unlike many other small businesses, our cash flow is completely dependent on current business. The bills from 45 days ago are paid with revenue earned today. If there is no revenue, those bills go unpaid. Independent restaurants estimate that there needs to be a minimum of $150 billion cash flow just to pay our current bills, rent, and taxes – and that’s before we pay our employees, who are the front line of service in this hospitality industry and the backbone to the local economies our businesses sustain.”

We feel for all businesses affected by this – retail stores, salons, yoga studios, art studios, music and performance centers, gyms and many more. We feel for those on the front lines – people we all know in the medical field, grocery and pharmacy store workers and on and on! These days are unprecedented, uncertain and so very sad.

Those of you who are using our Curbside Pickup, the tips you have been leaving for our working hourly staff have been so greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Helping our team members who have been temporarily laid off would mean the world to them

If you choose to donate $1, $2 or anything you feel comfortable with, please know that you are changing someone’s life today.

We are grateful to be able to continue running our sweet little restaurant. We do not know what tomorrow may bring.

But for today, we’re asking for a little help.

With gratitude,

Chris, John and Lisa

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