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Stella Songwriter Sessions

Updated: May 18, 2020

Sunday, May 24th, beginning st 6:45 PM
Live on our STELLA SONGWRITER SESSIONS Facebook page
This Stella concert will be headlined by the incomparable, internationally renowned singer songwriter, Sean Rowe!

6:45 PM Charlotte Reilly

Charlotte Reilly's been making waves! Char’s unique, soulful voice as well as her beautiful original music and thoughtful covers make her a stand out. You’ll soon hear her new single “hide away” on WEXT radio; a fierce supporter of the vibrant local 518 music scene!

7:15 PM Miss Tess Duo with Thomas Bryan Eaton

You'll love this vintage/swing/rock n roll duo hailing from Nashville ~ featuring soulful, lonesome vocals and masterful swinging and twangy guitars.

"A song that's every bit as gorgeously vintage as Miss Tess's 1930s Weymann archtop, "The Moon is an Ashtray" evokes an era when jazz, country, and blues were all part of the same trunk, rather than separate musical branches reaching toward their own patch of sky." ~ from Rolling Stone on the recent song "The Moon is an Ashtray."

8:00 PM Sean Rowe

"Singer and songwriter Sean Rowe's rather astonishing singing voice evokes the sound of the ages. His big rumbling baritone bears traces of John Lee Hooker, Greg Brown, Wilson Pickett, and others, though it is utterly unaffected. Rowe hails from Troy, New York. In his teens, he discovered the blues of Muddy Waters and Hooker as well as the soul music of Marvin Gaye and Ray Charles. He began playing guitar and learning songs by virtually every artist he admired -- and then some. By the time he began playing the local bar scene at 18, he had amassed enough original and cover material to perform four one-hour sets per night." ~ Thom Jurek

Back in 2017, Sean was the first to play our Stella Music Series. He rocked the house one minute and the next he played a ballad and you could have heard a pin drop! We couldn't be more excited to have him (virtually) back at Stella!

Hope to see you at the Facebook LIVE show!

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